Exciting Changes at DETAILS2ENJOY

As many of you may know, we recently discontinued our pre-finished handcrafted 3D signs. This change was decided on after much deliberation and discussion within our family and our team - and while we loved creating these signs over the past 2 years, we knew it was time to let go.

The concept of "Do-It-Yourself" or DIY has always been a big part of both our personal lives and our business. We believe that being hands on and being a part of creating something can be a powerful experience - whether that is having a hand in remodeling your home, or simply having a part in creating the decor for it. 

When we started with Pocket Frames, we envisioned a product that would inspire creativity. Everyone, no matter their skill level, could create framed art for their home using the Pocket Frames and kits. However, we quickly realized Pocket Frames would be limited to a smaller size so we focused on our 6x6 and 8x10 Pocket Frames while also creating larger pre-finished signs that weren't interchangeable. But we always were drawn back to our love of DIY - so we started thinking more and more about how to bring the DIY concept to our signs. This is when we developed our newest product line: Pocket Frame HomeCrafted Signs.

These signs, releasing November 1st, are larger versions of our Pocket Frames that feature our removable magnetic lid, a single track for inserts, lighter weight pre-finished inserts, and an open back for easier hanging. 

Available in 5 sizes: 18x6, 12x16, 12x24, 18x18, and 20x30

(pictured above - 18x6 and 12x16)

The frames will be raw wood so you will be able to customize them to your own home by using the perfect stain or paint.

The new lightweight papercoated inserts will come in white, black, or olive green. You can leave them as is for a luxe smooth finish, or add paint, paper, and more to make it your own!

And finally, to finish off your HomeCrafted Sign, we will be releasing our new and improved Word Kits & Pattern Kits. These kits will include the 3D words, letters, or shapes needed to create most of our previous sign designs along with some new ones! All the pieces will come unpainted and with an adhesive backing. Plus, each kit will include a template to help you place your pieces perfectly! No rulers, tape guides, or messy glue! 

Many of our sign collections will return as kits including our pattern signs, our Becky Higgins collaboration collection, our holiday designs, and more!

Along with the release of Pocket Frame HomeCrafted signs, we are also going to be switching our Pocket Frame Insert Kits to include adhesive backing on many of the pieces - making creating the kits even easier!

In addition, we hope this shift to DIY only products will give us more time to focus on projects like instructional videos, new kit design, and monthly subscriptions. 

We can't express just how grateful we are for this amazing journey we have been on so far with DETAILS2ENJOY. We want to say "THANK YOU" to everyone who has followed, liked, commented, subscribed, purchased, and shared. We truly appreciate everyone who has made this crazy maker dream possible and we hope to continue to inspire you to be creative and get your DIY on!



Cassandra & Kenzi