Our Story

Hi there! We are Cassandra and Kenzi - the Mother/Daughter Duo behind DETAILS2ENJOY. We started working together in 2013, working in graphic design, event planning, and mixed media workshops (what can I say, we love variety!)

One day, after posting about a workshop project on our Instagram page, we had someone comment "Can I buy this?" - my mom and I looked at each other and shrugged, "why not?" We shipped off the item and posted 2 more hoping they would sell in seconds... We nervously hit "post" and waited for that SOLD comment to come through... One minute passed, then two, then five, then 30. We thought for sure it would sell instantly! But it didn't. In fact we still have those two items sitting in our studio today, over 2 years later. 

"Oh well," we thought, and we went back to doing workshops and graphic design. Kenzi continued to post on Instagram and grew it to over 500 followers that summer. 

While brainstorming more workshops for that fall, Cassandra remembered the fabric pumpkins that she had taught a few years back. She pulled out her old samples, including the multiple failed patterns and showed them to Kenzi who wondered if it was something that would sell on their growing Instagram. We made a small batch and posted them, nervously waiting for those SOLD comments once again. This time, they came. We took this as a sign and starting making more and more things. Our workshop ideas soon became product ideas and we made products with fabric, wood, metal, and even concrete. We started selling our handmade goods not just on Instagram, but at markets and on Etsy as well. 

In February of 2016, we were trying to brainstorm ideas for our next project. We dreamed up a sign with a back layer and cut-out designs that could be changed out in the front. The idea morphed and changed and prototypes were built until the Pocket Frame was created. An interchangeable sign with a magnetic top and multiple tracks for layering.

Over the past couple of years we have continued to grow and evolve our business and our products. Our creative minds never stop dreaming, scheming, and developing new ideas. We have continued to grow the Pocket Frame line as well as making a larger version of Pocket Frames, the HomeCrafted Sign Collection with DIY Word Kits to go with it.

Our journey has included lots of twists and turns, including growing our team to include two employees: Tanya and Mark, traveling around the country to teach classes and sell our products and our latest venture - partnering with American Crafts to manufacture and wholesale our Pocket Frames across the country.

Over the next year, and the years to come after that, we hope to continue to grow as a brand, as business partners, and as mother and daughter. We feel incredibly lucky to get the chance to work together doing something we both love and we are grateful to everyone who has supported us along the way!

We are just getting started on this crazy journey as Kenzi and her husband move back to the 8 acres and we continue to develop our land, homes, and work spaces.

Let's see what we can dream up next!