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Scroll Sign DIY Kit Tutorial

Learn how to create your Scroll Sign + Choose Joy 3D Word Kit | DIY Home Decor Kit by watching the video or following the written directions below!

In your kit you will have:

  • Wood Pieces to create your Scroll Sign
  • Butcher Paper
  • Copper Caps
  • Screws
  • Paper Clips
  • 3D Words - "Choose Joy"

If you'd like to purchase a kit you can do so HERE

For this tutorial, we will be using the supplies and tools from a BB Frösch Faux Stain Kit as well. That kit can be purchased HERE.


First you'll pick which side of your board you'd like to be the front of your project.

Mix your faux stain paint with the BB Frösch Chalk Paint Powder  according to the instructions included in your Faux SStain Kit.

With a small amount on your paint tray, use a sponge to drip some water just to the side of your paint. Use your sponge to mix a little bit of paint with the water, leaving some unmixed so you can adjust the consistency later on if needed. 

Use the sponge to apply your paint to the board, painting from one side to the other. Don't forget to paint the sides and ends of your board as well.

Then, using your blue lint free huck cloth, wipe any excess moisture and paint from your board to help it dry quicker and reveal the grain a little bit more.

FAUX STAIN TIP: If your paint isn't revealing enough grain, add a little bit more water. If your paint is too thin and isn't depositing enough pigment on the board, add more of your undiluted paint.

Repeat these steps on your dowel and on your wood blocks.

Don't worry about painting inside the holes of your block yet, but don't forget to paint the top of your block (the side closer to the hole).

Once you are done using your sponge, cut it smaller, if necessary, to paint inside the holes. This will help prevent any raw wood from showing on your finished project.

Then set aside all of your wood pieces to dry completely.


While your wood pieces are drying, move on to painting your 3D Letters.

Using a little bit of black paint, paint the top of your letters. 

Paint with light layers to help the paint dry quicker and to avoid any paint drips on the sides of your letters.

Once the first coat has dried, you can paint a second coat on for fuller coverage.

Set aside to dry.


Once your wood pieces are completely dry, you can finish them using the BB Frösch Finishing Wax in the color Dark.

Dip a corner of your white lint free Wax Cloth from the Faux Stain Kit into your wax and begin to wipe the wax onto your piece.

Then, remove the excess by wiping with a clean part of your wax cloth. You'll know the excess is removed when your cloth glides smoothly, it doesn't feel tacky any more, and the piece starts to shine.

Repeat until your whole piece feels smooth and waxed. 

Repeat this process on your dowel and wood blocks. Be sure to remove excess wax from inside the holes of your blocks as well.


To assemble your scroll sign holder, start from the back of your piece, and insert one of the included screws into the pre-drilled hole on your board. Screw tight with a screw driver until it is flush with the back of your board.

From the front of your piece, line up the hole in the bottom of your block with the screw that is sticking out of your pieces. Then rotate the block until it is tight against the board. 

Repeat on the other side.


To secure your copper caps to your dowel, add a little bit of glue to the inside of your cap, then press your dowel into the cap.


Untie the paper scroll and insert the dowel into the roll. Unroll enough paper for your sign and secure with paper clips around the roll.

Arrange your "choose joy" on the paper so you know how you want to glue it down.

Using a glue stick, add a little bit of glue to the back of your letters. Wipe away any excess glue on the side of your letters with your finger. Place the letter and press down to help it stick.

By using a glue stick, the letters will easily pop off if you want to remove them, save them for letter, and display something else on your sign.


Now put it all together. Put the dowel (without the paper) through the outside right hole of the holder. Then add your paper scroll and slide the dowel into the inside left hole of the holder. 


To hang, add command strips to the back of the board.